We welcome everyone to Osaka Pearl in Shinsaibashi in Osaka, Japan’s famous merchant capital.

As our customers have commented “If you go to Osaka Shinjyu, you will be able to find whatever you want for the best price”.
Our shop is located at the corner of the Shinsaibashi shopping street. It’s a bright shop, with sunlight coming in through the windows.
We are looking forward to new encounters with all our hearts.
Osaka Shinjyu’s most unique feature is that, from producing our fine products to selling these products is all done by our female staff.
Pearls are mostly worn by women, and therefore with women’s sense. This is why we feature our female staff.
We have selections of classic necklaces, seasonally designed necklaces, and pendants that the staff made by exchanging ideas in the shop.
Just like pearls have various colors, women have various feelings, too.
We will introduce our products with confidence. Please feel free to ask anything.